Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I volunteer to be part of the Human Microbiome Project?

A: The HMP is no longer accepting volunteers to be sequenced. For more information about how participants were recruited please see a full list of study inclusion/exclusion criteria. If you would like to have your own microbiome sampled, see the American Gut Project

Q: Do I need permission to use the HMP/iHMP data in my own scientific research?

A: No. The HMP is designated as a community resource project to accelerate access to, and use of HMP data by the entire scientific community. Please cite the HMP consortium papers.

Q: Do I need a password to access iHMP data and resources?

A: All the HMP data and resources are freely available for browsing, however a password is required in order to add data files to the Advanced Query cart for download.

Q: Can I get the protocols that were used for the iHMP?

A: All software, online resources and standard operating protocols used in, or developed as part of the HMP, are being made accessible on the Tools & Technology page.

Q: How do I cite the Human Microbiome Project?

Q: How do I contact you?

A: If you want to ask us a question or send us comments, please use the feedback form.

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